PS3 Media Server access with XBMC

XBMC Media Center is a software for playback of media files. Playback is available for local drives, file shares or UPNP. XBMC is available for several platforms.

XBMC can be used to access PS3 Media Server.

First of all start PS3 Media Server, then XBMC.

Let’s access music on the PS3 Media Server. Switch to music in XBMC and press return.

Before playing music one has to add a music source manually. PS3 Media Server is accessible via UPNP.

After selecting a configured source one is able to browse the media content. As you can see on the screenshot PMS has recognized XBMC as a media renderer with valid profile.

You can also access photos and videos on PMS. First you have to configure the source, then browse and play.

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